Beautiful Women in Sexy Stockings

There’s nothing quite like seeing beautiful women showing off their incredible legs and curvy bodies while wearing sexy stockings with their hot outfits, naughty uniforms and erotic lingerie. These naughty leg models always look stunning as they flash a seductive stare at the camera and slowly slip out of their clothing to bare all for the camera. As you watch them toss their outfits on the floor, it’s hard not to fantasise about what it would be like to be lucky enough to help these leggy girls strip; and so the real fun begins.

We regularly bring our visitors pics and videos of some of the hottest babes around, whether it be well-known mature nylon milfs such as Danica Collins or the beautiful women at multi-model sites such as Only Tease, where you will find sexy British models posing in a large variety of sexy outfits and uniforms with high heels, stockings and pantyhose. But regardless of who's providing the entertainment, you know that you’re going to be treated to a hot striptease.

Perhaps you’ll get to see a busty nylon babe expose her big, natural tits in a tight fitting corset before she bends over to tease you with her shapely legs in sexy stockings. Or maybe we'll show you a sexy model divesting herself of her erotic lingerie. Whatever, we guarantee that she will be hot and get your blood flowing.

Needless to say, you must be aged 18 or over to enjoy this site. If that isn't you, please leave this site now. But if you are an adult and you enjoy seeing beautiful women in sexy stockings and erotic lingerie, read on and enjoy!

The lovely Lily S at Only Opaques

April 17th, 2014

Lily S is a lovely lady with an exotic look and a passion for opaque stockings. You can find her at Only Opaques, one of the web’s best stocking and pantyhose fetish sites.

Their philosophy is that the girls look hotter when they’re all dolled up in something sexy and the quality of their content certainly makes it pretty hard to argue with that.

Our first Lily S gallery finds her working a secretary look and working it very well. You’ll see her wearing black stockings with black high heels and a sexy skirt, vest and blouse. That’s all quite lovely but the set really heats up when her clothes start coming off. When you catch a glimpse of her body in that fantastic bra and panty set that’s made from red lace and fits her like a glove you might just lose your load in your pants.

Next we have her in another business outfit. It’s almost exactly the same in fact, except this time she’s wearing a blue blouse and the lingerie is totally different. Once again it’s black stockings and once again they make her long legs look luscious and sexy. This girl has a knack for arousing with her soft and sensual body, that’s for sure. This time the lingerie is a purple satin bra, panty and garter set with black polka dots and a little bit of black lace. Doesn’t that sound amazingly hot?

In the final gallery from Only Opaques Lily S heats things up with a short and tight red leather skirt. The top is nice and tight too and of all the sets this one is the most overtly sexual and arousing. She’s doing a striptease for you and there’s no question that you’ll appreciate the raw power of her beauty as she attempts and succeeds at seducing you. Her black stockings and black high heels are the perfect touch in a very sexy set.

See more of Lily S and the other beautiful women at Only Opaques by clicking here.

Miss Hybrid

April 14th, 2014

Miss Hybrid is a beautiful, leggy British lady who was born into the life of privilege and is currently married to an elderly Lord. As she can no longer be satisfied by her aging partner, she has embarked on a journey of sex and debauchery which is chronicled at her own personal site in the form of a personal diary, pictures and videos.

Thankfully for us stocking fans, this sexy lady has a love of nylons and a good portion of her updates have her long sexy legs covered in a variety of stockings.

Miss Hybridtakes part in a number of role-playing and fantasy scenes in her members area, in addition to traditional model poses. While she looks sweet and sexy posing for the camera in her lingerie and stockings, she has a dominant side that likes to humiliate her male partners for her own sexual gratification.

In a recent update at her site, she displayed this side of her personality when she was upset with the bill she received for a simple plumbing job. She invited the unsuspecting handyman into her dungeon, where he was bound with leather straps so she could have her way with him. The lady of the house looked absolutely stunning in her leather bra and mini-skirt with leather thigh high boots. Underneath her boots she was wearing black sheer stockings on her long, lovely legs.

Cuckold fans have lots to be excited about as well. Miss Hybrid enjoys bringing her boy toys to the house while her hubby Lord B watches the action via closed circuit television. She has a selection of gentlemen friends who drop by for visits, but she also seems to especially enjoy playing with the hired help. The manor’s handyman seems to be one of her favourite subjects and you will see him engaging in different sexual escapades with his employer’s wife throughout the site. We’re sure you’ll quickly become envious of this lucky lad, as he has had the pleasure of running his hands up the mistress’ stocking clad legs on many occasions.

In one scene from the site, Miss Hybrid decided to flash this young man by stopping her vehicle on the grounds, opening her car door and pulling up her dress so he could take a good look. She was wearing a pair of white knee high boots and sheer control top stockings. She wasn’t wearing any panties, so the handyman had a clear view of her piercings in her most delicate areas. The mistress rewarded him by taking him into the manor and allowing him full access to her body and those amazing legs of her.

Hosiery fans will be pleased with the stocking content featured at the site. Miss Hybrid has outstanding long legs and she enjoys accentuating them by pulling on a pair of nylons. The selection of stockings worn by this sexy British babe is quite varied as well. Both control top and regular stockings are worn throughout the site and we think she looks particularly lovely in panties and a suspender belt.

While she quite often poses in black sheer stockings, you’ll find a variety of other colours and styles. In one photo shoot, Miss Hybrid has to be strict with her stepdaughter Penelope. She is wearing black high heels shoes with black fishnet stockings, which are clearly visible from behind due to the very liberal split in the back of her dress. Her legs look fantastic as she bends over to spank her husband’s daughter for her misdeeds at private school.

One particular feature about Miss Hybrid’s site that we really enjoyed was her personal diary. We always enjoy it when a stocking model is eager to interact with her fans and this lovely lady definitely is. She posts about her experiences and what’s happening at her site. She also indulges her fans with stories about her adventures, as well as some her unfulfilled fantasies. Fans can make comments on her diary entries and she graciously responds and answers questions. There is a public diary available to all visitors and a private diary, which only members of her site can access. This gives the site a very personal feel and connection that we really enjoy.

The photo and video areas are well set up and there is quite a bit of content for members. There are currently 100+ photo releases and about 50 videos. All of Miss Hybrid’s photosets are zipped and available for download as well as online viewing. The movies are in a 1280 x 720 resolution with excellent video and sound quality.

The only downfall that we found on the site was the download limit to members. You’re limited to 4GB worth of downloads every six hours. This was implemented by Miss Hybrid to prevent cheaters from automatically downloading all of her content with a program of some sort. While we understand the need for a security measure like this it is a bit of a disappointment, especially for an eager new member who becomes mesmerised by this beautiful women’s legs and the stockings she so proudly wears.

Overall, however, we enjoyed Miss Hybrid and would recommend that stocking fans should drop by and see what it has to offer. This lady is a unique beauty and she offers a tremendous variety of content on her personal website. The stocking content is superb and, if you’re anything like us, you’ll quickly become a fan of this leggy model in very short order.

To visit the members area of Miss Hybrid’s site (and, believe us, you are missing out in a big way if you don’t), click here.

Erotic stockings beauties at Art Lingerie

April 11th, 2014

Art Lingerie offers some of the most stunning glamour models available on the Internet posing nude in their lingerie and stockings. From the same people that brought us Only Opaquesand Only Secretaries, this site focuses on erotic nudes of  some familiar faces from their other sites as well as fresh new talent that you will not find anywhere else.

There is nothing more exciting then seeing a beautiful women showing off their amazing bodies in lingerie and that’s exactly what Art Lingerie provides. You’ll be able to view these sexy ladies posing in their silk and sheer undergarments while wearing their high heels and stockings.

While they seem to enjoy posing indoors or in their bedrooms, we found it particularly exciting to see the models posing outdoors in their skimpy lingerie. It’s not often you’ll see a beautiful brunette bending over in an outdoor walkway and exposing her backside and beautiful legs for any passer by to see, but you can at Art Lingerie.

This site is a stocking-lovers paradise, with gallery after gallery of these leggy models wearing nylons of all types and colours on their long legs. In these sample galleries you’ll find two beautiful women posing in sheer black stockings, while Cikita is wearing her pink stockings with a suspender belt and thong panties in the other.

Art Lingerie sets itself apart from other stocking sites in the variety of colored nylons that their models pose in. In addition to the traditional black sheer stockings, you’ll see pretty much every colour imaginable on the legs of these beautiful British models.

Have we piqued your interest? To see the 100% exclusive lingerie and stocking content of Art Lingerie, click here.

Beautiful Loora at Only Opaques

April 8th, 2014

Loora is going to blow your mind.

This beautiful British girl loves to wear stockings and pantyhose which makes her a perfect fit for Only Opaques, a site that specialises in nylons of all types. They like them coloured and they like them classically black or white. They like them tight and high and they love a good suspender belt to hold them up.

They also like beautiful young models like Loora. Sample her beauty in these galleries.

The first set finds her in blue pantyhosewith short white panties under them and, like all the rest of these pictures, they’re amazing. Loora is doing a striptease and the shots where she turns and shows us her butt have to be the best of the set.

There are three fabulous things about the second gallery we’ve selected. First is the pair of chocolate brown stockingsLoora is wearing. Second is the grey sweater dress that adorns her body at the outset of the gallery. Third is the purple satin bra and panty set she’s wearing under that dress. When you put those three things together you have an unbelievably arousing collection of photos.

In the third set Loora tries a more casual look. She’s hanging out in a t-shirt and jeans in her bedroom, but you know it’s not going to be that simple. Instead a striptease starts and we see that she’s wearing black lace top stockingsunder her pants. There’s also a very sexy pair of boyshort panties and under the tee is a black bra that pushes her soft breasts up high to make them look super sexy.

This beautiful girl is quite the delight to see in stockings, isn’t she? And you can see much more of her in the members area of Only Opaques by clicking here.

Sabrina’s Stockings

April 5th, 2014

Sabrina’s Stockings features a beautiful amateur model that works as a secretary for a temporary agency during the day. When she´s not working in the office she poses for her fans in sexy outfits, uniforms and costumes while wearing stockings and pantyhose of her hot sexy legs. When visiting the site you will notice that this lady absolutely loves her nylons and she confesses that not only does she wear them to work, she enjoys putting them on every opportunity she has. We recently visited her site to conduct a review and were extremely pleased by what we found.

The first thing that we have to really comment on is the layout of the member’s area. This site is set up using blog software and we absolutely loved it. The site is updated on a daily basis with pictures, videos or stories and all the posts are tagged using keywords such as pictures, stockings, pantyhose, girl girl, uniforms and several others relevant categories. This makes it extremely easy to find what you are looking for simply by clicking the keyword. The search function also allows you to find material you´re interested in very quickly.

The other thing that we really liked about this set up is if you’ve surfed the Internet and visited any of the stocking or nylon fetish blogs out there, you are going to have a real easy time navigating this site. Kudos to Sabrina for a brilliant member’s area!

Sabrina looks amazing in the various costumes that she poses in on the site as well. Recent updates included her dressed as a milk maid with white knee high stockings, a schoolgirl in high heels and sheer black stockings, and a cowgirl in her denim miniskirt with cowboy boots and beige stockings. Of course her being a secretary for a temp agency there are plenty of releases of her dressed as a sexy professional office girl. With 113 of the updates dedicated to uniforms and costumes, fans of this niche will be very pleased.

The stocking content on Sabrina’s Stockings is probably one of the best we’ve run into. Page after page of this lovely lady posing in her stockings is bound to get its members very aroused. Pretty much every color and variety of stocking has graced Sabrina’s legs in either a picture or video update. This lady is also a bit of a voyeur, which suits us just fine. One of our favorite updates was one where she was on the train in a miniskirt and tight pink top and pictures were taken as she hiked up her skirt, pulled the stockings onto her legs and fastened them with her garter. She put on her high heels and then spread her legs so you get an excellent upskirt view of her panties, garter and nylons.

Sabrina also tells stories about her stocking escapades throughout the site. This is a nice personal touch and you can read about her putting on her stockings as she dresses for work, climbing a ladder in a miniskirt and stockings at the library or some of the reactions she gets from her co-workers or men passing by. With 45+ stories there´s lots of content to review and is extremely well written.

The video section is another strength of the site. There are 58 video updates available to be viewed. The videos are all downloadable (streaming is not available) with the average running time being about 5 minutes. Having said that there are some longer videos including our favorite in which Sabrina is dressed up as a “Mandarin Wife” in a long silk dress with high heels and stockings. During the course of the 13 minutes video she removes her panties, hops up on the counter and proceeds to masturbate until she orgasms. Pretty much every video featured Sabrina in stockings of one variety or another so nylon lovers will enjoy this section of the website.

Other things that may interest Sabrina’s fans are the fact that you can purchase her stockings and panties, or send her stockings to wear. She also takes special requests from her members for upcoming photo shoots and releases so if there´s something that you´ve been dying to see but haven´t been able to find elsewhere it may be worth sending an email to Sabrina to see if she´d be able to fulfill your desired request.

When conducting reviews we always seem to find something that we weren´t crazy about or we had issue with. Surprisingly this isn’t the case with Sabrina’s Stockings. This is probably as close to a perfect nylon model site that we´ve found and we highly recommend it to our readers and fans. You will not be disappointed with all that this site has to offer.

You should check out Sabrina’s Stockings by clicking here.

Mature beauties at Nylon Stocking Sluts

April 2nd, 2014

Nylon Stocking Sluts is a pretty amazing site because they have a little bit of everything for you. Today we’re concentrating on the sexy mature chicks in stockings they have in the member’s area.

These are beautiful women and they represent some of the best action the site has to offer, because they bring their sexual experience with them when they get in front of the camera. To put it bluntly, they know how to seduce a man.

The lady that leads things off is named Red and when you see the pictures you’ll understand why. She has flaming red hair and she’s dressed like a very well put together business babe in a tight blouse, a high waisted black skirt and a pair of black stockings. Her legs look long and sexy, her tits look big, pushing against the soft material of her blouse, and she has a lusty, teasing look in her eyes that you’ll no doubt be drawn in by. That’s how gorgeous women like this one manage to allure and arouse every man they come in contact with. It’s all in the eyes.

Danica is a curvy mature babe and she’s wearing a very hot red halter dress as she steps in front of the camera. It’s the kind of thing someone would wear to a nice cocktail party but now a whole new party is starting as she puts on a show to entertain those of us in the audience. She shouldn’t have much trouble as she’s a real stunner and her legs look particularly hot in the black stockings.

The final beauty is Sally Taylor and she’s a knockout in a kinky kind of way. She’s wearing a skintight black latex dress and black latex gloves with her seamed sheer stockings and her patent leather high heels. The mature blonde babe has piercing blue eyes and a wicked smile that says she’s having a whole lot of fun in her naughty clothes. She strikes a whole bunch of different and amazing sexy poses for us and there’s no doubt she’ll have you sporting a chubby by the time she’s done.

Click here to visit Nylon Stocking Sluts.

Fishnet stockings videos

March 29th, 2014

We have hotties in fishnets and we want to share them with you.

The videos – that’s right, movies! – come from Lingerie Videos, a fantastic site that knows for some guys there’s nothing more appealing than a beautiful girl wearing some sort of sexy underwear. They let you soak up all the beauty you can handle and they pull it off with ease. There are fabulously sexy girls galore and we have three of them for your now.

The first is a goddess named Haley with sexy soft tits and a pair of seamed fishnet stockings adorning her legs. Combine them with high heels, a sexy bra and a black g-string and you have a lovely set where a beautiful girl attempts to blow your mind with her fabulously sexy body. She’s teasing you with her fishnet stockings and her fingers and her tits and everything else that’s wonderful about her body. Let her tease and enjoy all the pleasure.

Tigerlily is a fairly well known Asian pornstar and today she’s doing a solo set where she models sexy black fishnet stockings, a little red corset and a black bra. There are very sexy red and black high heels in the mix too. She has it all for the man that wants a sexy Asian looking hot and she delights in showing it off for us. At the end of the fishnet stockings video she’s got her legs spread wide and she’s playing with her pussy. Now that’s entertainment!

Finally we have a gorgeous girl in white fishnet stockingsand a white bustier. She’s lying on the couch with natural sunlight streaming in and making her look angelic. She’s also powerfully sexy and will no doubt blow your mind with those long legs, those sets tits and the way her fingers dance over her snatch. Even her lips are perfect. When she rubs her clit and gropes her tits the gallery reaches a peak of perfection, without question.

Click here to see more stockings babes at Lingerie Videos.

Saffy’s Secrets

March 26th, 2014

Saffy Saffron is an Internet fetish model and UK escort who has her own site called Saffy’s Secrets. She claims to be a bit of a wild girl and has far too many fetishes to list, but is particularly fond of bondage, domination, spanking leather and PVC outfits. What caught our attention was her fondness for pantyhose, stockings and vintage stockings and this is what prompted our visit to her site.

Saffy’s site is well laid out with all the sections clearly labeled in the menu to the left hand side of the screen. At no point were we redirected to an area that we shouldn’t have been to, so navigation will be very easy for its members.

The image releases are listed by the year they were first published and with the site having been launched in 2005, you can expect there is lots of material to review. During our visit there were 167 releases with the number of photographs ranging from 70 – 100 pictures per update. Each release is available for download in a zip file making retrieval of images very convenient.

There is quite a variation of content available on the site including a lot of different fetishes but you’ll quickly see that Saffy’s main fetish is bondage. There are countless galleries of her tied up and bound with a gimp ball in her mouth or duct tape keeping her quiet. We actually learned some of the bondage lingo in one gallery in which her stocking clad legs were tied up and spread with nylon rope with a gag fastened to her mouth. We had never heard of a “frogtie” or “buckle gag” until we saw it in action on Saffy. Chalk this up to the old saying that you learn something new every day.

If you’re a fan of girl-girl action then you will not be disappointed with Saffy’s Secrets. There is quite a bit of lesbian material on this site and one that set of photos that particularly caught our interest was a lesbian domination themed photoshoot in which Saffy played a dominant homeowner teaching her maid Jasmine a lesson. Both of these sexy ladies were wearing stockings and Saffy proceed to complete some bondage knots around her maid’s legs and take her with a strap-on dildo. Jasmine is a beautiful young lady and a frequent partner to Saffy throughout the site.

This site does have a rather large amount of stocking content and in most of the releases you will find Saffy and her friends posing in stockings of some sort. Both regular and control top stockings are in abundance although most nylons are of the black sheer variety. There were some colored stockings scattered throughout the site including red, white and tan but we would have liked to see a bit more of a selection in this area. We really enjoyed the gallery of Saffy posing in her white high heels with a white garter and matching sheer stockings where she starts playing with her new pink vibrator. The last few pictures have her bound at the wrists and ankles and gagged while her new toy does its job.

Some of the vintage releases at this site are outstanding and something we would have loved to see more of. Saffy is a leggy and chesty model and evokes some great memories of those old photos that we’ve all come across when she dresses in vintage stockings, high heels and retro themed clothing. This beautiful girl definitely could have made her living as a pinup model had she been around 50 years ago.

One thing that we found quite annoying and inconvenient is that there was no way to search for images and videos for what you are particularly interested in. The updates are not tagged for reference and you have to scroll through five years worth of updates and sample thumbs to find out what you are looking for.

Another item that brought us a bit of disappointment was Saffy’s forum area. This part of the site has not been used or posted to by Saffy or her members since November 2008. We are always big fans of model interaction but it appears that this was an idea that someone had and then abandoned when it didn’t become as popular as they believed it would be.

Lastly while there is a lot of stocking and pantyhose content on the site, Saffy’s Secrets seems to be a bit less about nylons and more about bondage and domination. While this will please those who enjoy these types of fetish those looking for sexy model in stockings may have a hard time getting past the fact that Saffy really enjoys being gagged and tied up.