Amazing Astrid

February 7th, 2014

When a woman develops a passion for lingerie it’s to all our benefit if she decides that she wants to show off in public. In the case of Amazing Astrid that public forum is the internet and her lingerie collection is enormous.

There’s a little bit of everything in there but the one thing that you’ll find in every set is quality. She only purchases the finest lingerie because she knows that her fans have come to expect that of her. This 42 year old mother and wife is a show off and she invites you to come to her site and have a look around at some of the free content she’s put up. Then we go into the member’s area.

Astrid runs a pretty site. It’s really nice looking and relatively easy to use thanks to well laid out browsing options. There is some confusion though or at least there was for me. If you click the updates button you’ll see everything added in the last six or seven months. If you click on any of the updates it doesn’t actually take you to the set but instead to the category that set comes from. If it’s a guest model then you see all the guest model galleries. If it’s Astrid then you’re taken to her updates. If it’s an Angels update – those are the amateur girls she brings in to shoot exclusively for her site – that’s a separate page. Although this can be a little annoying, you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Astrid has divided her picture galleries into four sections. These galleries show the sexy blonde milf on her own most of the time and occasionally she’ll bring in a chick to play around with. If you’re joining Amazing Astrid to see the sexy older babe then you’ll want to hit the updates link and click any of the four categories to see her glorious body. The smallest of them is the archive and those are basically the oldest galleries that are a little lower quality than the rest. She wanted to keep them separate so you could easily choose to skip the low resolution stuff.

The rest of the categories have significantly more content. In the stockings section you’ll find 95+ galleries where Astrid models all different kinds of sexy stocking sets for us. What I love is the outfits she pairs with the stockings. Seeing her dressed as a slutty secretary wearing sheer nylons with holdups is a fantastic experience. The same goes for her as a slutty milf in a tight dress or a hottie hooking up with another chick. Astrid doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to hooking up with a chick. There’s usually kissing, touching, tit licking and a little bit of pussy eating.

There are more than 50 galleries in the pantyhose section and depending on your particular kink you might find these hottest of all. I love it when Astrid dresses in a pair of shiny pantyhose so her legs look even more spectacular than usual. They reflect the light of the camera and if you’re not tingling in your naughty spot when she caresses them or rubs her pussy through the nylon then you must be dead from the waist down. Once again Amazing Astrid dresses in a great variety of outfits while modeling her sexy pantyhose. If there’s any pantyhose fantasy outfit you have I’m almost certain she’ll have it for you.

Finally there’s the smoking section with 45 galleries to browse. Astrid seems to have a great love of cigarettes and she has definitely mastered the art of sensually sucking on the little fire sticks. I promise you’ve never seen anything this sensual and erotic involving cigs. In one particularly hot set lovely milf Astrid is posing in white satin gloves, white stockings, a sheer white robe and a white corset as she does a sexy posing set and then lights up and smokes that cigarette like it was a loving cock. I think that’s my favorite set on the entire site. She looks like a virginal dream come true in that outfit.

There are a few annoyances with the picture sets. The thumbnails are a touch too small. Another 30 pixels in size would have been perfect for me but perhaps my eyesight is suffering a bit. My least favourite thing is how each set begins with an advertisement. There’s usually a lingerie store and if it’s a lesbian set then you’ll see a link for the other girl’s site if she has one. They’re at the top of the gallery and I never like that forced advertising thing. Put them at the bottom and I’m cool. Other than that the galleries are top notch with high resolution shots.

Astrid has 28 videos for her members to devour and they encompass everything you saw in the picture galleries but this time it’s all fluid movement. Most of the vids can be downloaded at 640×480 but she recently upgraded to high definition so all the new movies will be of amazing quality. It’s nice to see Astrid pounding her pussy with a toy in the picture galleries but it can’t be denied that it’s extra sexy when you see it on film. Hearing her moans of pleasure are probably my favourite part.

Astrid has enhanced breasts and in almost every set you’re going to see them. Her site is not built around sexy stripteases but she does show plenty of skin. She is dressed most of the gallery though so those that appreciate the stockings and her sexy outfits will get their fill of sexy shots.

Amazing Astrid is not the only one that makes a naked appearance on her site. There are plenty of guest models that show up as well and those babes are also quite sexy. It can be hard to find the Angels page but that’s where you’ll see the most extra sets so it’s worth taking a look. The babes there range from young and tight to older and little bit saggier. They’re all amateur though and they’re a blast to scope out. There are also galleries from guest models, most of whom are babes that run their own sites. These girls are also very hot and you may find another site that you want to join.

The rest of the site is largely inconsequential. The ten wallpapers are pretty cool and if you’re looking to decorate your desktop you might look into them. If you want to leave Astrid a note the guestbook is a good place to do so. You can also send her an email if you’d like something more personal and private.

Amazing Astrid delivers entirely on the promises of her tour. If you find her attractive and you love lingerie, stockings and sexy outfits there’s no reason not to join because she delivers what she promises at Amazing Astrid.

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